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Google Launches Its AI-Powered Jobs Search Engine ( 38

Now you can search for jobs across virtually all of the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilders, Facebook and others -- directly from Google's search result pages. The company will also include job listings it finds on a company's homepage. TechCrunch reports: The idea here is to give job seekers an easy way to see which jobs are available without having to go to multiple sites only to find duplicate postings and lots of irrelevant jobs. With this new feature, which is now available in English on desktop and mobile, all you have to type in is a query like "jobs near me," "writing jobs" or something along those lines and the search result page will show you the new job search widget that lets you see a broad range of jobs. From there, you can further refine your query to only include full-time positions, for example. When you click through to get more information about a specific job, you also get to see Glassdoor and Indeed ratings for a company. You can also filter jobs by industry, location, when they were posted, and employer. Once you find a query that works, you can also turn on notifications so you get an immediate alert when a new job is posted that matches your personalized query.
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Google Launches Its AI-Powered Jobs Search Engine

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  • Wow, more "AI". We used to just call them websites. Welcome to the new hype cycle.
  • How is that difference from a regular search engine with filtering (and maybe a relevance score)?
    • I think the "relevance score" part is important here. It's probably not about whether to score but about how to score. The options abound in what you can do in that area. And no matter how you call the end product, the scoring part makes all the difference. All too often the usability of a search product depends on it.
    • If you ignore the difference, there's no difference!

      Just having a negative filter makes it a million times better than any other job search I've used. (I live in a location where my field is dominated by $PREV_EMPLOYER who is currently riding their no re-hire policy hard, so filtering then out is a big timesaver.)

  • Filters (Score:2, Funny)

    It also lets you filter by things such as:

    -Likelihood of being outsourced
    -Likelihood of replacement by H-1B
    -Requirement of more years of experience with a system than the system has been released for
    -Likelihood of the job getting you indicted
    -Requirement of multiple years of experience for entry level positions

    Of course I selected all those, and it came up with no results. I must be doing something wrong.
  • Been a while I was hoping for this.

    Actual job hunting is way better than before, but not efficient enough. In my city, all job are spread into a dozen different website (indeed, monster, jobilico etc.). And you need to create a full profile on everyone of them...

    I was hoping for LinkedIn to fill that gap, but the job listing is way smaller than the others website. To be fair, I must admit that I've found my last job with the help of an head hunter I've met by LinkedIn, but still.

    Glad to see Google entering

  • What of the bogus type job searches, used for resume gathering? used for inflating job requirements so that "only an H1B at 10 cents on the dollar is the "best" solution?" Or my favorite, "keeping tabs on those with jobs so as to be able to network with personnel departments for your replacement." Just a thought.
  • Works perfectly (Score:3, Informative)

    by Otter87 ( 4991241 ) on Tuesday June 20, 2017 @07:00PM (#54657321)
    " I.T. jobs near me " (about 50 miles of Seattle ) return 1 result only ( makes it easy to make a choice - good ! ) : Waiter at a Chili's restaurant ... in louisiana. Now, i'm probably not helping the (supposely existing) learning algorithm by clicking on it, and submitting an application for the job, am I ?
  • Once Google will flood recruiter with too much irrelevant applicants, I guess they are going to offer an AI service for filtering candidates...
  • will it filter out the recruiter spam and fake jobs?

  • Google crew always have their own style []
  • by Tomahawk ( 1343 ) on Wednesday June 21, 2017 @08:55AM (#54660175) Homepage []

    What's interesting is that Google themselves say that this is for Americans (they don't say US, just Americans, so one assumes Canadians too, maybe?), and the articles that picked it up dropped that fact. A fact that's important on an international tech news site, like Slashdot!

    Unfortunately they make no mention of when this might roll out to the rest of the world. Or even _if_ it will roll out to the rest of the world.

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