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China Quietly Unblocks Names of Its Leaders 39

hackingbear writes "One of the Chinese Web censorship's central features has long been blocking searches for the names of top leaders to maintain their public images. Sina Weibo, China's largest microblog service, unblocked searches for the names of many top political leaders in a possible sign of looser controls a month after new senior officials were named to head the ruling party, though a number of other senior leaders are still blocked on Weibo, including Premier Web Jiabao. That (President) Xi might be leading by example on softening Web censorship could be a promising sign for future reforms. It isn't on a major shift, but it could portend one."
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China Quietly Unblocks Names of Its Leaders

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  • by ihatewinXP ( 638000 ) on Thursday December 13, 2012 @08:10PM (#42282341)

    Dear god people if you dont know anything about the topic dont post....

    China blocked the names of a number of their leaders of late (on Weibo [twitter] and Sina [google]) for a few reasons:
    1. There may have been an attempted coup - that accounts for a few names
    2. There for sure was the downfall of a major regional leader (Bo Xilai) under very ugly circumstances (right hand man tried to defect to US embassy to avoid being murdered,wife poisoned a spy, etc.)
    3. There was a huge NYT article calling out Hu Jintao that was straight propaganda - so much so that they disseminated a chinese language pdf of the article to the general web
    4. The old leader Jiang Zhemin has been near death and rumors have swirled.
    5. Some other guys kid wrecked a car and killed some people

    THESE ARE THE REASONS WHY THOSE NAMES WERE CENSORED. This doesnt portend to any changes. Watch the next few years as freeing China becomes a constant narrative....

    I could give the reasons why they have unblocked them now but id rather get out to a party. Try to RTFA and then RSMFAs before posting nonsense.

    • "Watch the next few years as freeing China becomes a constant narrative...."

      Although not in the same way that China liberated Tibet I hope.

      • by X.25 ( 255792 )

        "Watch the next few years as freeing China becomes a constant narrative...."

        Although not in the same way that China liberated Tibet I hope.

        I sure as hell hope it's not in the same way the US liberated Iraq or Afghanistan.

        Tibet would be the great option, much much much less casualties.

  • What the originator must think about before forming an opinion.

    Don't read motives of the Chinese from a western perspective. China's leaders and its people have never been exposed to or experienced free speech, and/or anything resembling democracy in their history. Understanding the why, or even if this is a significant development isn't so easy.

    The only thing I read in that. They did something that caught the attention of any people or organizations that look for a political, democratic, human rights, free

  • > China Quietly Unblocks Names of Its Leaders

    Sweet! Now people there can Google their president named...um...

    They can Google the head of the Communist party named...uhhhhhh...

    They can Google the premier, um, the premier, uh, the premier of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!

  • I know I probably shouldn't say this, and my comment might get modded down quite badly.

    But those people who think that the Internet's control should be taken away from the US and handed to the UN should really look at what other countries in the UN do with their Internet. I know it is bad that US uses copyright laws as excuse to take over domains, like MegaUpload. However you can still search Barack Obama on the US Internet without any problem. I think having US controlling the Internet is the lesser of two

  • How do they say 'irony' in Mandarin? Or Cantonese?

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