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Google Christmas Cheer Technology

Google Loses Santa To Bing 153

Posted by timothy
from the who's-been-nice-to-whom dept.
New submitter Sebolains writes "Unlike previous years, NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) has decided to use Bing maps to track Santa's journey as he goes around the world delivering presents. Starting Christmas eve, one will be able to go to the official NORAD Santa tracking site and use Bing maps to see where Santa is delivering presents at that time. In previous years, NORAD has always gone for Google maps to track Saint Nick. The reason for this switch were not disclosed, but since nearly 25 million people are expected to use this tool come this Christmas, this will definitely benefit Bing in the ongoing competition for online map applications."
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Google Loses Santa To Bing

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 13, 2012 @04:50PM (#42279261)

    I would like to see the actual decision making process behind this....

    and any and all emails from any Microsoft employee associated to this decision.

  • by Lehk228 (705449) on Thursday December 13, 2012 @06:17PM (#42280755) Journal
    their data may be ok but their software that interfaces it is horribly out of date, it would have been acceptable during the era of streets and trips '97

    with google maps i can put a search string (such as a business name town and state; or even something more generic like Gas town state) in as a destination address and it will automatically retrieve the address if it has it, if there are multiple matches it pops up a (did you mean) dialog then plugs them in for you.

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