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Submission + - Time Warner Cable: no consumer demand for gigabit internet 1

Freshly Exhumed writes: Chris Welch at The Verge tells us that: 'Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference moments ago, Time Warner Cable's Chief Financial Officer Irene Esteves seemed dismissive of the impact Google Fiber is having on consumers. "We're in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want," she said when asked about the breakneck internet speeds delivered by Google's young Kansas City network. "We just don't see the need of delivering that to consumers."' The article goes on to quote her: '...residential customers have thus far shown little interest in TWC's top internet tiers. "A very small fraction of our customer base" ultimately choose those options.'
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Time Warner Cable: no consumer demand for gigabit internet

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  • There are only two reasons why people are not on your top tier:
    1. TWC and other companies charge too much for the privilege of having the top tier. The mid grade is good enough for most.
    2. TWCost of their competitors broadband has a very low cap. What is the point of having faster broadband if you pass the cap in the first week of the month.

    I don't have TWC (Cox country here). Just looked at their site they have 6 tiers of internet speed.

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