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wiredmikey writes: Canada and the United States announced Friday they were launching a joint cybsersecurity plan that aims to better protect critical digital infrastructure and improve the response to cyber incidents.

Under the action plan, the US Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety Canada will cooperate to protect vital cyber systems and respond to and recover from any cyber disruptions, by improving collaboration on managing cyber incidents between their respective cyber security operation centers, enhancing information sharing and engagement with the private sector and pursuing US-Canadian collaboration to promote cyber security awareness to the public.

The news came after earlier in the week Canadian Auditor General Michael Ferguson warned that Canada has made only "limited progress" over the past decade to safeguard electrical grids, telecommunications infrastructure, banking systems, manufacturing and transportation, as well as its own computers. Earlier this month, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that the U.S. has drafted new rules for the military that would enable it to move aggressively against digital attacks. The amended rules of engagement underline the need to defend Defense Department computer networks, "but also to be prepared to defend the nation and our national interests against an attack in or through cyberspace," he said. Panetta also called on Congress this week to adopt proposed cyber security legislation and demanded Congress take action after November elections to ensure stable funding for the US military.

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US and Canada Launch Joint Cybersecurity Plan

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