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Submission + - Facebook To Go Public On Friday, May 18 ( 1

redletterdave writes: "The IPO on everyone's minds for the past few years — and possibly the biggest one in history — is upon us: Facebook will finally make its Wall Street debut on Friday, May 18, 2012. Sources also say Facebook will begin its IPO roadshow on Monday, May 7, and will eventually list its shares on the Nasdaq (not NYSE) with the ticker symbol "FB." Facebook looks to raise anywhere from $5 billion to $10 billion during its roadshow to achieve a $100 billion valuation, which would make it one of the biggest IPOs of all-time."
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Facebook To Go Public On Friday, May 18

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  • I cant believe that no one learned from this, FB will fold much like MySpace did when people finally find something better. Stock price will fall flat on its face. However , in the short term, this would be a great stock to buy as the price will keep going up for a few months.

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