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Submission + - 2011's Kinect Evokes Memories of 2001's HAL 1

theodp writes: Hal in 2001:' I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that [open the pod bay doors]'. Kinect in 2011: 'I'm sorry, Dave Jr. I'm afraid I can't do that [tune in the Spice Channel].' A Microsoft patent filing made public this week proposes to restrict access to TV, movies and video games by using a 3D depth camera to estimate viewers' ages based upon the dimensions and proportions of a person's body, such as head width to shoulder width, and torso length to overall height. For adults with short arms or other seemingly childlike proportions, settings can be overriden by someone with an administrator password,
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2011's Kinect Evokes Memories of 2001's HAL

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  • Interesting concept, but ultimately a waste of software and hardware.

    Why does one even need the camera or recognition software if one has a password? Just seems like an unnecessary backdoor to me.

    Life-size cutout or cracking a password? I think in this case (children) it'd be easier to construct a cut-out or some other adult sized / shaped object...

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