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Monday December 22, 2014 @01:03AM Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic
Sunday December 21, 2014 @09:22PM Major Security Vulnerabilities Uncovered At Frankfurt Airport
Sunday December 21, 2014 @05:10PM "Infrared Curtain" Brings Touchscreen Technology To Cheap Cars
Thursday December 18, 2014 @01:46PM India Successfully Test Fires Its Heaviest Rocket
Thursday December 18, 2014 @08:54AM Who's To Blame For Rules That Block Tesla Sales In Most US States?
Thursday December 18, 2014 @01:11AM New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long
Tuesday December 16, 2014 @11:54AM Touring a Carnival Cruise Simulator: 210 Degrees of GeForce-Powered Projection
Monday December 15, 2014 @03:30PM Jaguar and Land Rover Just Created Transparent Pillars For Cars
Monday December 15, 2014 @01:49PM Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents
Monday December 15, 2014 @11:56AM SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities
Monday December 15, 2014 @09:02AM Why Didn't Sidecar's Flex Pricing Work?
Sunday December 14, 2014 @02:55PM French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber
Saturday December 13, 2014 @05:29PM California's Hydrogen Highway Adds Another Station
Saturday December 13, 2014 @12:30PM Airbus Attacked By French Lawmaker For Talking To SpaceX
Thursday December 11, 2014 @06:19PM Are the TSA's New Electronic Device Screenings Necessary?
Thursday December 11, 2014 @03:33PM U.S. Passenger Vehicle Fleet Dirtier After 2008 Recession
Thursday December 11, 2014 @01:04PM In Iowa, a Phone App Could Serve As Driver's License
Wednesday December 10, 2014 @11:09PM California Sues Uber Over Practices
Tuesday December 09, 2014 @01:03PM Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain
Monday December 08, 2014 @11:24PM Uber Banned In Delhi After Taxi Driver Accused of Rape
Sunday December 07, 2014 @07:16PM Heathrow Plane In Near Miss With Drone
Sunday December 07, 2014 @05:36PM Tesla Wants Texas Auto Sales Regulations Loosened
Friday December 05, 2014 @10:31PM Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts
Friday December 05, 2014 @04:21PM Make a Kids' Power Wheel Toy Awesome for $500 (Video)
Thursday December 04, 2014 @12:24PM A Backhanded Defense of Las Vegas' Taxi Regulation
Thursday December 04, 2014 @08:19AM Kiva Systems Co-Founder: Drone Delivery Could Be As Low As 20 Cents Per Package
Tuesday December 02, 2014 @02:28PM Ben Harris Shows off the Electric Vehicle Challenge Simulator (Video)
Monday December 01, 2014 @05:48PM The Driverless Future: Buses, Not Taxis
Monday December 01, 2014 @08:48AM Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates
Sunday November 30, 2014 @08:45PM Breath Test For Pot Being Developed At WSU
Saturday November 29, 2014 @10:30AM Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber
Saturday November 29, 2014 @01:30AM Hackers Breach Payment Systems of Major Parking Garage Operator
Friday November 28, 2014 @08:53PM FAA Report Says Near Collisions With Drones On the Rise
Thursday November 27, 2014 @09:51AM Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission
Wednesday November 26, 2014 @07:40PM Australia Elaborates On a New Drift Model To Find MH370
Tuesday November 25, 2014 @09:28AM "Advanced Life Support" Ambulances May Lead To More Deaths
Monday November 24, 2014 @07:44AM Multiple Manufacturers Push Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars, But Can They Catch Tesla?
Thursday November 20, 2014 @10:36AM Google Maps Crunches Data, Tells You When To Drive On Thanksgiving
Thursday November 20, 2014 @08:16AM Martin Jetpack Closer To Takeoff In First Responder Applications
Tuesday November 18, 2014 @04:38PM Collin Graver and his Wooden Bicycle (Video)
Tuesday November 18, 2014 @10:23AM Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists
Monday November 17, 2014 @02:29PM Toyota Names Upcoming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
Saturday November 15, 2014 @11:57AM Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph
Friday November 14, 2014 @09:44PM The Downside to Low Gas Prices
Thursday November 13, 2014 @06:32PM Will Lyft and Uber's Shared-Ride Service Hurt Public Transit?
Thursday November 13, 2014 @08:57AM Carmakers Promise Not To Abuse Drivers' Privacy
Wednesday November 12, 2014 @07:30PM European Parliament Considers Sharing Passenger Information By Default
Tuesday November 11, 2014 @11:17AM AT&T Won't Do In-Flight Wi-Fi After All
Tuesday November 11, 2014 @10:45AM 333 Km/h Rocket-Powered Bicycle Sets New Speed Record
Monday November 10, 2014 @01:17PM NASA Tests Aircraft With Shape Shifting Wings
Saturday November 08, 2014 @07:36AM Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices
Friday November 07, 2014 @09:42PM Dealer-Installed GPS Tracker Leads To Kidnapper's Arrest in Maryland
Thursday November 06, 2014 @09:37AM Tesla Delays Launch of Model X Until Q3 2015
Tuesday November 04, 2014 @08:44AM Some Virgin Galactic Customers Demand Money Back
Monday November 03, 2014 @04:36PM "Car Talk" Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies At Age 77
Monday November 03, 2014 @02:42PM Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving
Sunday November 02, 2014 @08:57PM China To Merge High-Speed Train Makers To Cut Competition
Sunday November 02, 2014 @07:43PM Ferguson No-Fly Zone Revealed As Anti-Media Tactic
Saturday November 01, 2014 @11:54PM Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For
Saturday November 01, 2014 @05:07PM A Smart Electric Bike: Taking the Copenhagen Wheel Out For a Spin
Saturday November 01, 2014 @03:35PM SpaceShipTwo Pilot Named; Branson Vows To 'Move Forward Together'
Saturday November 01, 2014 @08:32AM World War II Tech eLoran Deployed As GPS Backup In the UK
Thursday October 30, 2014 @09:07AM New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight
Tuesday October 28, 2014 @07:21AM LAX To London Flight Delayed Over "Al-Quida" Wi-Fi Name
Monday October 27, 2014 @12:15PM Pentagon Builds Units To Transport Ebola Patients
Monday October 27, 2014 @10:07AM What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?
Thursday October 23, 2014 @05:12PM SMART Begins Live Public Robocar Tests In Singapore
Wednesday October 22, 2014 @04:30PM Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?
Wednesday October 22, 2014 @04:23PM Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales
Tuesday October 21, 2014 @09:40AM Overwhelmed By Recall For Deadly Airbags
Tuesday October 21, 2014 @08:22AM Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected
Sunday October 19, 2014 @10:01PM The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea
Sunday October 19, 2014 @02:50PM NASA Cancels "Sunjammer" Solar Sail Demonstration Mission
Thursday October 16, 2014 @02:03PM Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales
Wednesday October 15, 2014 @11:51AM Designing Tomorrow's Air Traffic Control Systems
Tuesday October 14, 2014 @10:17AM Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated
Tuesday October 14, 2014 @10:06AM Navy Tests Unpowered Exoskeleton
Monday October 13, 2014 @04:23PM Four Dutch Uberpop Taxi Drivers Arrested, Fined
Sunday October 12, 2014 @07:51AM The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura
Thursday October 09, 2014 @09:27PM London Unveils New Driverless Subway Trains
Thursday October 09, 2014 @04:31PM Proposed Hab Module For Asteroid Redirect Mission Could Support a Lunar Return
Tuesday October 07, 2014 @10:49AM Studies Conclude Hands-Free-calling and Apple Siri Distract Drivers
Tuesday October 07, 2014 @08:29AM NASA Asks Boeing, SpaceX To Stop Work On Next-Gen Space Taxi
Tuesday October 07, 2014 @07:53AM Michigan Builds Driverless Town For Testing Autonomous Cars
Friday October 03, 2014 @05:09PM NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option For Mars Mission
Wednesday October 01, 2014 @04:47PM UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure
Wednesday October 01, 2014 @01:56PM Boeing Told To Replace Cockpit Screens Affected By Wi-Fi
Wednesday October 01, 2014 @12:53PM Japan's Shinkansen Bullet Trains Celebrate 50th Anniversary
Tuesday September 30, 2014 @07:21AM Man Walks Past Security Screening Staring At iPad, Causing Airport Evacuation
Monday September 29, 2014 @01:11PM Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"
Thursday September 25, 2014 @11:20AM Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running
Tuesday September 23, 2014 @08:32AM Elon Musk Hints 1st Person To Mars May Go Via New Brownsville Spaceport
Sunday September 21, 2014 @04:23PM Trouble In Branson-Land, As Would-Be Space Tourists Get Antsy Over Delays
Sunday September 21, 2014 @10:33AM SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer
Sunday September 21, 2014 @08:24AM Wanxiang May Give 2012's Fisker Karma a Relaunch
Saturday September 20, 2014 @03:48PM Washington DC To Return To Automatic Metro Trains
Saturday September 20, 2014 @02:03AM Boeing To Take Space Tourists On Its CST-100 Spacecraft To the ISS
Friday September 19, 2014 @07:58AM Once Vehicles Are Connected To the Internet of Things, Who Guards Your Privacy?
Thursday September 18, 2014 @05:31PM Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State
Wednesday September 17, 2014 @11:59AM Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @08:32AM WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS
Tuesday September 16, 2014 @08:02AM 3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive
Monday September 15, 2014 @02:29PM Uber CEO: We'll Run Your Errands
Friday September 12, 2014 @09:16AM Direct Sales OK Baked Into Nevada's $1.3 Billion Incentive Deal With Tesla
Thursday September 11, 2014 @12:38PM The Documents From Google's First DMV Test In Nevada
Tuesday September 09, 2014 @12:34PM Surprising Result of NYC Bike Lanes: Faster Traffic for Cars
Tuesday September 09, 2014 @07:16AM Tesla Plans To Power Its Gigafactory With Renewables Alone
Monday September 08, 2014 @09:23AM After Weeks of Delay, SpaceX Falcon Launches Communications Satellite Payload
Monday September 08, 2014 @08:47AM GM To Introduce Hands-Free Driving In Cadillac Model
Sunday September 07, 2014 @02:02PM 3 Decades Later, Finnair Pilots Report Dramatic Close Encounter With a Missile
Sunday September 07, 2014 @02:41AM 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room
Thursday September 04, 2014 @08:53AM Tesla's Next Auto-Dealer Battleground State: Georgia
Thursday September 04, 2014 @07:00AM New Usage-Based Insurance Software Can Track Drivers Using Smartphones
Wednesday September 03, 2014 @03:21PM Reno Selected For Tesla Motors Battery Factory
Wednesday September 03, 2014 @02:32PM The Quiet Revolution of Formula E Electric Car Racing
Tuesday September 02, 2014 @11:16AM Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany
Tuesday September 02, 2014 @07:25AM Iceland Raises Volcano Aviation Alert Again
Monday September 01, 2014 @07:43AM Feds Want Nuclear Waste Train, But Don't Know Where It Would Go
Thursday August 28, 2014 @07:41PM For $1.5M, DeepFlight Dragon Is an "Aircraft for the Water"
Thursday August 28, 2014 @01:50PM How the World's Fastest Electric Car Is Pushing Wireless Charging Tech
Tuesday August 26, 2014 @03:49PM Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report
Tuesday August 26, 2014 @12:03PM California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels
Sunday August 24, 2014 @10:27PM Aussie Airlines To Allow Uninterrupted Mobile Use During Flights
Sunday August 24, 2014 @03:25PM Iceland Stands Down On Travel Alert: From Orange To Red and Back Again
Saturday August 23, 2014 @07:36PM Air Force Requests Info For Replacement Atlas 5 Engine
Saturday August 23, 2014 @01:15PM Eruption Of Iceland's Bardarbunga Raises Travel Alert to Red
Friday August 22, 2014 @11:21PM Anomaly Triggers Self-Destruct For SpaceX Falcon 9 Test Flight
Friday August 22, 2014 @04:51PM Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation
Thursday August 21, 2014 @07:25PM How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
Wednesday August 20, 2014 @05:22PM How Argonne National Lab Will Make Electric Cars Cheaper
Tuesday August 19, 2014 @11:12AM Iceland's Seismic Activity: A Repeat Show for Atmospheric Ash?
Monday August 18, 2014 @09:39AM Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb
Sunday August 17, 2014 @07:36PM Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo
Friday August 15, 2014 @06:53PM Tesla Removes Mileage Limits On Drive Unit Warranty Program
Thursday August 14, 2014 @06:19PM Berlin Bans Car Service Uber
Thursday August 14, 2014 @02:02PM Where are the Flying Cars? (Video; Part Two of Two)
Wednesday August 13, 2014 @02:09PM Where are the Flying Cars? (Video; Part One of Two)
Wednesday August 13, 2014 @10:12AM Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding
Tuesday August 12, 2014 @01:00PM Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding
Tuesday August 12, 2014 @11:20AM The Fiercest Rivalry In Tech: Uber vs. Lyft
Tuesday August 12, 2014 @06:44AM DEA Paid Amtrak Employee To Pilfer Passenger Lists
Monday August 11, 2014 @10:53AM Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security
Thursday August 07, 2014 @03:30PM Why Bhutan Might Get Drone Delivery Copters Before Seattle Does
Thursday August 07, 2014 @11:44AM With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal
Thursday August 07, 2014 @07:29AM Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway
Tuesday August 05, 2014 @10:50AM SpaceX Chooses Texas Site For Private Spaceport
Monday August 04, 2014 @08:35PM Australia Rebooting Search For MH370
Monday August 04, 2014 @06:43PM Least Secure Cars Revealed At Black Hat
Monday August 04, 2014 @01:38PM Tesla's Already Shopping For More Office Space
Monday August 04, 2014 @01:02PM Planes Can Be Hacked Via Inflight Wi-fi, Says Researcher
Sunday August 03, 2014 @06:45PM San Francisco Airport Testing Beacon System For Blind Travelers
Friday August 01, 2014 @08:49PM Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now
Thursday July 31, 2014 @10:49AM Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory
Wednesday July 30, 2014 @07:54PM SpaceShipTwo Flies Again
Monday July 28, 2014 @07:42AM World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft Goes Into Production In China
Saturday July 26, 2014 @08:54PM GAO Says NASA Budget Woefully Short for Space Launch System
Thursday July 24, 2014 @07:14PM Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?
Thursday July 24, 2014 @06:00PM Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet
Tuesday July 22, 2014 @07:18AM California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory
Monday July 21, 2014 @07:27AM New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids
Sunday July 20, 2014 @03:06PM Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17
Sunday July 20, 2014 @07:51AM "Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In
Friday July 18, 2014 @06:29AM Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet
Wednesday July 16, 2014 @12:00PM FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars
Tuesday July 15, 2014 @11:16AM White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales
Monday July 14, 2014 @10:44PM Seat Detects When You're Drowsy, Can Control Your Car
Monday July 14, 2014 @04:59PM Lyft's New York Launch Halted By Restraining Order
Thursday July 10, 2014 @10:16AM Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @07:15AM TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @07:01AM ESA Shows Off Quadcopter Landing Concept For Mars Rovers
Monday July 07, 2014 @01:27PM Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi
Monday July 07, 2014 @10:26AM Airbus Patents Windowless Cockpit That Would Increase Pilots' Field of View
Friday July 04, 2014 @10:05PM NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever
Friday July 04, 2014 @08:01PM In Düsseldorf, A Robot Valet Will Park Your Car
Friday July 04, 2014 @06:42PM Train Derailment Dumps Two 737 Fuselages Into Clark Fork River
Thursday July 03, 2014 @07:08PM London Regulator Says Uber Is Operating Legally
Thursday July 03, 2014 @05:40PM Radar Changing the Face of Cycling
Monday June 30, 2014 @10:52AM Mayors of Atlanta & New Orleans: Uber Will Knock-Out Taxi Industry
Monday June 30, 2014 @09:27AM Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars
Sunday June 29, 2014 @08:02AM Facial Recognition Might Be Coming To Your Car
Saturday June 28, 2014 @12:26PM Cracking Atlanta Subway's Poorly-Encrypted RFID Smart Cards Is a Breeze, Part II
Friday June 27, 2014 @01:53PM Federal Judge Rules US No-fly List Violates Constitution
Thursday June 26, 2014 @01:22PM New Chemical Process Could Make Ammonia a Practical Car Fuel
Thursday June 26, 2014 @08:11AM Making an Autonomous Car On a Budget
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @08:38AM Maglev Personal Transportation System Set For Trial In Tel Aviv
Tuesday June 24, 2014 @03:54PM FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones
Thursday June 19, 2014 @05:40PM Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle
Thursday June 19, 2014 @02:23PM It's Not a Car, It's a Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle (Video)
Thursday June 19, 2014 @02:20PM 2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @05:09PM NADA Is Terrified of Tesla
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @09:43AM Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @11:16AM Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @01:58AM The DIY Car Computer vs. the iPad
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @01:06AM Any Open Source Solutions For DIY Auto Diagnostics?
Monday June 16, 2014 @03:40PM Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?
Monday June 16, 2014 @02:28PM Shawn Raymond's Tandem Bike is Shorter Than Yours (Video)
Monday June 16, 2014 @01:13PM US Agency Aims To Regulate Map Aids In Vehicles
Sunday June 15, 2014 @11:09PM BMW, Mazda Keen To Meet With Tesla About Charging Technology
Sunday June 15, 2014 @12:30PM Russian RD-180 Embargo Could Boost American Rocket Industry
Thursday June 12, 2014 @05:34PM California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs

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