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+ - Microsoft is paying US$ 2,00 to users set Bing as Default Search engine in Brazi

Submitted by perplexing.reader
perplexing.reader (2241844) writes "Microsoft is paying US$ 2,00 in skype vouchers to set Bing default search engine and MSN default home page on Brazil, translated from the site:
"Make MSN your homepage and Bing your default search engine and earn up to 60 minutes * of calls to mobiles and landlines in Skype."
- the Rules:
"After receiving the voucher, this should be used until July 31, 2014. Once on Skype, the credits do not expire. The minutes are based on a rate of $ 0.023 per minute, but the number of minutes may vary depending on the destination of the call and the number of calls you make. The current value of the voucher is $ 2.00. A once rescued, the voucher will appear in your Skype account."
Original URL: https://www.msnbingoffers.com/..."
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Microsoft is paying US$ 2,00 to users set Bing as Default Search engine in Brazi

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