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+ - Teacher fired after objecting proprietary software

Submitted by usrbinsh
usrbinsh (1929638) writes "Teacher, also vice principle, of Moscow high school #572 objected the mandatory order of Moscow City Department of Education. The order instructs each school to use particular software to assist students in cramming mandatory Unified State Exam (it's somewhat similar to GED).The hosting software is Windows based and requires IE on a client to run properly. Apparently the school's computer environment is Linux based. The teacher found that Firefox unable to talk to training host system, and voiced the concern to the Department of Education appealing to the law signed by President Medvedev that encourages using Open Source Software in education. The Department of Education ignored the concern. The teacher filed complaint addressing it directly to the Russian President. Apparently the complaint went down the chain of command, back to the Department of Education, which retaliated by firing concerned teacher. The cheese part: wife of the head of the software vendor that created training ware is noted as proponent of and lobby for Microsoft in education of City of Moscow. Also, per her input, the Department adopted such technical requirements as using Apple MacBook and MacMini with preinstalled Windows XP. The source in Russian, more detailed; in English"
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Teacher fired after objecting proprietary software

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