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Former Scientologist: CoS Told Brin It Wanted Only "Good" Search Results 205 205

An anonymous reader writes "Former Scientologist at the highest level Geir Isene reveals that he was brought in to educate top Scientology officials about the Internet, and learned that they had met personally with Google's Sergey Brin (YouTube video), asking him if it were possible for the search giant to filter results so that only positive information about the church would be returned on the word 'Scientology.' You can imagine how that went over. Isene also says that he begged the church's officials to give him a full day to explain the Internet to them before they met with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had regularly criticized the church for its stands against Internet freedom. Apparently, the church is missing Isene's counsel, because just a few days ago, the EFF put the Church of Scientology into its 'Takedown Hall of Shame.' Last month Geir published his journey 'From Independent Scientologist to Just Me' under the GPL v3 license, recognising how being an open source advocate helped with that."
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Former Scientologist: CoS Told Brin It Wanted Only "Good" Search Results

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  • Re:CoS is a cult ... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by mrclisdue (1321513) on Wednesday June 26, 2013 @10:33AM (#44112241)

    ...Posting as AC to keep these whack-jobs the fuck away from me...

    Indeed, because posting using your usual nom de plume: i'm.afaid.of.CoS would lead them right to your door.

    You dismiss their *magic*, yet you fear using a pseudo on /. ?

    THAT is irony, Alanis....


  • by monzie (729782) on Wednesday June 26, 2013 @10:53AM (#44112445) Homepage

    I could not resist bringing up Orwell. Do go through his "All Art is Propaganda" - [] - If you haven't already. His writings are still relevant today and do apply to this discussion.

  • by hairyfeet (841228) <> on Wednesday June 26, 2013 @11:58AM (#44113553) Journal

    That it a decent beer or some of the piss water that passes for beer in the states? if its the former I'll take a nice cold one thanks.

    As for just goes to show how much money and fame can buy you in the USA, because if it weren't for the space pope and the money they have to throw around frankly Scientology would be put down with all the other cults. i mean you look at what those that get out report, so called "marathon sessions" and punishment if you don't parrot the correct responses, even those that felt compelled to "fake" their emotions and responses to keep from being singled out from the rest and targeted...its a fucking cult guys, that is what it is.

    And before anybody says its anything like Christianity...bullshit, Total fucking bullshit, yes you have a few marginalized nutballs like the WBC but those are treated as the crazies they are and most churches have preachers that LOVE a good and lively debate on beliefs, hell you get into a debate with a Baptist preacher you better bring the beer and popcorn because a good argument over scripture can last for fricking DAYS with them, whereas with Scientology lively debate about the meaning? Oh hell no, your ass better toe the line, and from what we have seen your ass better not bring up Xenu and space opera before them, they will pull the plug right then and there, compare this to most Christian churches where they will be more than happy to debate anything from Genesis on up, NOTHING is off the table.

    So to me Scientology just shows you can have a cult in the USA and be treated as a mainstream religion, all you need is cash.

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